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Because handbags are our best friends, discover the wide range of Clioblue handbags. From a chic and trendy look to a carrying bag for all your belongings, for a more urban look, find a bag that will accompany you every day. Sublimating the quality of their material, the fish, emblem of our wisdom and our serenity, will bring you luck wherever you go!

The quality advantage of our leather goods

We have a wide choice in the field of small leather goods. From noble materials like leather or very light fabrics to synthetic and coated fabrics, including wallets and accessories that complete your image and adapt to your bag! The bag, whether it is a handbag or a shoulder bag, has become an integral part of our daily activities. It allows us to carry your keys, wallets, laptops, books, lunches, etc. with incredible ease. It also makes it easier to travel when you go on a trip, to the gym, on weekends, on a picnic in the woods and on many other occasions. The handbag or leather bag is the best ally for all our activities! With a wide range of styles, Clioblue is your online leather goods that accompanies you all year round. Discover all our models and the new collections that we present throughout the year. No more excuses, the bag of all your fantasies on Clioblue, the guarantee of quality, at an unbeatable price, delivered free of charge and at a lower cost when ordered!

How to wear our women's leather goods

According to your personality:

The way you carry your bag says a lot about you. This represents your lifestyle, your work and your personality. Are you a wanderer, always running between planes? Backpacks, shoulder bags and other bold bags are made for you. Do you like to walk and have your hands free? Bags that can be worn around the neck, on the back or as a survival kit are ideal for your desires. Are you a party girl? A pouch allows you to keep your belongings close to you without taking up too much space. Of course, you can be a party girl in the evening, a backpacker on the weekend and a businesswoman for a week. This is why our Clioblue handbags adapt to all your desires!

Depending on the occasion

There are many shapes of bags, here is a small overview of three very different shapes to adapt depending on the circumstances:
  • The satchel, ideal for going to the office
  • The backpack, whatever its size, is a very practical bag. Its slender shape allows you to control everything along its entire length. Its front pockets also allow you to store small items within easy reach.
  • The bag can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. Choose a fluorescent color in summer or a pretty print to add a touch of fantasy to your look. Avoid buying it in smooth, shiny brown leather, which is a little too classic. The black leather on the other hand is also not very original but very beautiful. It's ideal for going to work or going out on the weekend. It also gives a vintage and preppy look to all your dresses.
  • The all-purpose bag that allows you to carry a maximum of personal belongings
The bag can have several facets. Its shape is very classic, the flap of the bag also contains the closure of the bag. Its round shape is easy to access. In most cases, the baby carrier hangs over the shoulder, but you can also carry it by hand or under the arm thanks to an additional handle. Choose the classic in a beautiful vintage or smooth leather, or play with contrasts by going for colored leather with gold ornaments. It’s a multi-casual thing! With some stylish styling details like coats or gold details, you can wear it from noon to midnight! Clutch bags are ideal for evenings, when you don't have to carry your whole life with you. Whether it has a flap or a removable mini handle, the most important thing is how to carry it. There are two ways to do this. Carry it under your arm if the bag is long, or in your hand if the bag is small. Finally, you need to know that you need to stay within the proportions of your body. You can dare to wear a mini bag if you have a slim and slender figure; the plumper will opt for an XXL bag. If you have an A-shaped figure, avoid carrying the bag on your shoulder and letting it fall on your hips, the underarm garment is for you! On the contrary, if you have a V-shaped figure, you can wear the bag across the body to give volume to your hips. If you are going shopping, opt for the relaxation and fantasy of our Clioblue fashion accessories!

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Cabas Frida

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Sac Bahia

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Sac Capri

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Sac Florence

Regular price €49,00Sale price €34,30

Sac Frida

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Sac Frida

Regular price €99,00Sale price €69,30

Sac Frida

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Sac Goa

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Sac Helena

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Sac Mare

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Sac Nosy

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Sac Sienne

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