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Made mainly from silver metal, refined and very malleable, our necklaces are open to all your fantasies and bring with them a timeless elegance. Our collections offer you a wide choice ofjewelry,bracelets,rings,earrings, Andnecklaceswhich adapt to all occasions and which follow the latest trends. The purity of silver can also be combined on our necklaces with other precious stones and metals (golden metal, crystals, pearls, other precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones) which enhance colors and desires.

The beauty of our silver necklaces for women The use of rings has been an ingrained habit since the beginning of humanity. Ancient civilizations gave great value to these accessories by giving them high symbolic and religious functions. But we particularly love necklaces for their power of seduction and expression: to stand out, to express emancipation or the mood of the moment, to enhance beauty and appearance, necklaces can adapt to all tastes. Our costume necklaces are made mainly of silver, a material known to enhance and reflect your personality and charm. The virtue of solid silver is that it has no original color, and is therefore easily influenced by our imagination and desires. How to wear our silver necklaces for women? Choose my necklace according to the occasion and the season Silver necklaces and fashion also respect a certain seasonality. This is normal, these are important accessories that allow you to highlight certain parts of the body or an outfit. And you don't wear the same accessories, whether it's summer or winter clothes, casual dresses or dresses. The summer season is the perfect time to boldly use evergreen and dynamic colors, like silver necklaces with colored stones like turquoise or tourmaline. In the cold season, it is advisable to choose silver necklaces with warm stones. If you want to add color to your rings in the dark, choose black, onyx, for example orange or brown. You don't need to play on the accumulation of silver jewelry or accessories to create an impressive outfit. Often, it's a detail that makes a dress great. An elegant necklace, a pair of necklaces or a pair of ethnic or hoop earrings can liven up a boring little dress. Moderation is generally interpreted as a sign of elegance. But nothing stops you from creating combinations of shapes or materials, but always without problem. Of course we won't wear them to work. On the other hand, an evening with friends or a cocktail party can be the ideal place to take care of your outfit, to show who you want to be. There is only one rule to follow: no dissonance. Owners of our silver necklaces must show that they take responsibility for their choice and are consistent with what they want to express. Bold and determined, they must also know how to adapt to the place and climatic conditions. Choose my necklace according to shape and style To accumulate them, only one indication: have fun! Depending on the shape and style of your necklace, it's up to you to play with fashion codes to store them. You can mix different charms or pendants, for example: heart, letter, star, etc. To increase your collar beam, don't overload your bust. On the contrary, you must open the neckline or wear the necklace quite high with a high but very sober collar. Of course, you should choose the collar according to your shirt shape. With a round collar, choose a round necklace to emphasize the collar. With a wide V-neckline or an open shirt, you can choose to wear different necklaces with different lengths or simply opt for a necklace that will hug your neckline. Clioblue offers you its silver necklaces for all your desires! Break the codes by accumulating several different necklaces This is the new fashion trend that saves us from having to choose from all our favorite jewelry! It involves wearing a multitude of fine necklaces. The goal is to dress our neck well and gently enhance our décolleté. A very sharp style, to adopt for spring-summer! Obviously, you will avoid the accumulation of bib necklaces. To combine them effectively, it is better to focus on fine jewelry, which is more or less combinable. It is best to choose different lengths and limit yourself to four or five necklaces at a time. For example, you can choose a round, choker necklace, a slightly longer lightweight chain with a pendant and a necklace. You can also wear three chains at the same height and add a slightly longer necklace or piece of jewelry. The important thing is to prevent them from getting too entangled and never seeing each other again.

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