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Bague Croisette

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Bague Abril

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Bague Chelsea

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Bague Rani

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Bague Gigi

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Bague Jena

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Bague Lorena

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Bague Nel

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Bague Tonina

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Bague Lucilla

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Bague Zoe

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Bague Alessia

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Made mainly from silver metal, refined and very malleable, our rings are open to all your fantasies and bring with them a timeless elegance. Our collections offer you a wide choice of jewelry , bracelets , necklaces , necklaces and earrings that adapt to all occasions and follow the latest trends. The purity of silver can also be combined on our rings with other precious stones and metals (golden metal, crystals, pearls, other precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones) which enhance colors and desires.

The beauty of our silver rings for women Wearing rings has been an ingrained habit since the beginning of humanity. Ancient civilizations gave great value to these accessories by giving them high symbolic and religious functions. But above all we love rings for their power of seduction and self-expression: to stand out, to express one's emancipation or the mood of the moment, to highlight beauty and appearance, rings can be adapt to all tastes. Our fancy rings are mainly made of silver, a material known to enhance and reflect your personality and your charm. The virtue of solid silver is that it has no original color, and is therefore easily influenced by our imagination and desires. How to wear our silver rings for women? Choose your ring according to the occasion and the season: Silver rings and fashion also respect a certain form of seasonality. It's normal, these are important accessories when choosing an outfit. And you don't wear the same accessories, whether it's summer or winter clothes, casual clothes or clothes. The summer season is the perfect time to boldly use calming colors and stones, so silver rings with colored stones like turquoise or tourmaline. In the cold season, it is recommended to choose silver rings with warm stones. If you want to add color to your rings in the dark, choose black, onyx, for example orange or brown. There is no need to play on the accumulation of silver jewelry or accessories to change something. It's often a detail that makes a dress exceptional. An elegant bracelet, a pair of earrings or an ethnic ring can liven up a boring little dress. Moderation is generally interpreted as a sign of elegance. But nothing stops you from creating associations of shapes or materials. On the other hand, an evening with friends or a cocktail party can be the ideal place to take care of your outfit, to show who you really are. There is only one rule to respect: no dissonance. Owners of our silver rings must demonstrate that they take responsibility for their choice and are consistent with what they want to express. Bold and determined, they must also be able to adapt to place and time. Which finger should I wear my ring on? On the little finger For symbolists, the little finger is the finger of thought and emotion. Wearing a ring on this finger would be "significant": the past on the left, the future on the right. It's also just a free finger, where a beautiful silver ring will be noticed very quickly, especially if it is large enough. On the ring finger The ring associated with engagement is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If you don't want to give conflicting information, wear the ring on your right ring finger. The middle finger The middle finger is the longest of the fingers and the one which, being the middle finger, stretches the axis of the hand and contributes to the emphasis of the movements. The middle finger is the perfect place to show off your most impressive silver rings. On the index finger or thumb The index finger and thumb are "powerful" for wearing rings. These fingers symbolize strength (index finger) and independence (thumb) through their use and position. Wearing a ring on these fingers can be a great way to achieve success. Instead, we will choose large rings with embedded stones. The secret is to bend the thin rings. Color and symbolism associated with a ring with a birthstone Consecrate a birth with a ring whose color depends on the month of birth or the associated symbolism: January : Garnet - Garnet symbolizes love and a safe journey. The depth of flaming red is linked to passion, strength and adventure. February : Amethyst – The purple tones of amethyst symbolize tranquility, imagination and inner strength. Mars : Aquamarine - The color of aquamarine is linked to freedom, spirituality and infinity. Its facets shine with tonic tones that evoke the purity of crystal clear water and honesty. April : Diamond or rock crystal - The white color of rock crystal evokes purity, innocence and hope. May : Emerald – Refreshing and invigorating, rich emerald tones symbolize new beginnings, growth and prosperity. June : Moonstone, Alexandria or pearl - Associated with the month of June, moonstone illustrates the values ​​of balance and harmony. July : Ruby - The month of July is tinged with a flamboyant red with cherry pink highlights, a color linked to love and passion. The ruby, stone of the month, is said to protect against the evil eye. August : Peridot or green quartz - Natural stone to calm anger, encourage good humor and encourage friendship. Its color symbolizes new beginnings and prosperity. September : Sapphire - Sapphire, a true birthstone, symbolizes faith, truth, wisdom and sincerity. Its bright midnight blue color invites confidence, peace and confidence. October : Pink Crystal or Tourmaline - Expressing feelings of love, affection and kindness, the delicately iridescent soft pink of pink crystal blends elegantly with the pastel tones of the season. November : Citrine – Citrine is a naturally radiant stone known to bring joy of life, happiness, success and wealth. December : Blue topaz - Symbol of peace and tranquility, they infuse their soothing virtues into the heart of the most festive month of the year. Offer the perfect engagement ring The metal and stone chosen will depend on your partner's taste. If your partner only wears silver jewelry, choose a silver or white gold ring. Likewise, if she doesn't particularly like red, avoid choosing a ring adorned with a ruby. Gemstones are often used to make engagement rings, but there's nothing stopping you from choosing a ring with one or more gemstones. When in doubt, know that diamonds usually win all the votes; and because they are transparent, they go with everything, which will make wearing the ring easier every day. When choosing the metal and stone for your engagement ring, be sure to check the quality of these materials as well. What ring size to choose? First of all, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, so it is the size of this finger that must be taken into account. To ensure you choose the right ring size, trust one of the jewelry usually worn by your future wife. You can measure the diameter or compare the ring with a ring notebook that you can download for free and print.

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