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Bracelet Aldo

Regular price €39,00

Bracelet Thaïs

Regular price €39,00

Adrien Fond Brown automatic watch

Regular price €449,00

Adrien Automatic Watch Blue Background

Regular price €399,00

Adrien Gold Automatic Watch

Regular price €399,00

West Automatic Watch

Regular price €389,00

Adrien Automatic Watch Black Background

Regular price €399,00Sale price €319,20

Axel ring

Regular price €329,00

Severin bracelet

Regular price €49,00Sale price €34,30

Abdel bracelet

Regular price €49,00Sale price €34,30

Pascal bracelet

Regular price €69,00

Maxence bracelet

Regular price €89,00Sale price €62,30
Men's jewelry

Made mainly from silver metal, refined and very malleable, our jewelry is open to all your fantasies and brings with it a timeless elegance. Our collections offer you a wide choice of rings , bracelets and watches that adapt to all occasions and follow the latest trends.The purity of silver can also be combined on our jewelry with other precious stones and metals (golden metal, crystals, pearls, other precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones) which enhance colors and desires.

The beauty of our silver jewelry for men

Wearing jewelry has been an ingrained habit since the beginning of humanity. Ancient civilizations gave great value to these accessories by giving them high symbolic and religious functions. But we love jewelry above all for its power of seduction and expression: to stand out, to express emancipation or the mood of the moment, to emphasize beauty and appearance, jewelry adapts to everyone tastes. Our costume jewelry is mainly made of silver, a material known to enhance and reflect your personality and your charm. The virtue of solid silver is that it has no original color, and is therefore easily influenced by our imagination and desires.

How to wear our silver jewelry for men?

Choosing my men's jewelry according to your clothing style and figure

Morphology is of fundamental importance. Whether “fancy” or “classic”, silver jewelry should be chosen according to your silhouette. Taller men will more easily wear long necklaces, shorter men will want to use jewelry with finer shapes, larger jewelry will tend to weigh down the figure. If you are quite thin, jewelry will be preferable so as not to emphasize this appearance of length. On the contrary, more curvy men should wear impressive jewelry and avoid rounded shapes.

Choosing my men's jewelry according to the occasion and the season

Silver jewelry and fashion also respect a certain seasonality. These are important accessories to highlight your look. And you don't wear the same accessories, whether it's summer or winter clothes, casual clothes or clothes. The summer season is the ideal time to boldly use persistent and dynamic colors, therefore silver jewelry with colored stones like turquoise or tourmaline. In the cold season, it is advisable to choose silver jewelry with warm stones. If you want to add color to your jewelry in the dark, choose black, onyx, for example orange or brown. There is no need to play on the accumulation of silver jewelry to change something. It is often this detail that makes the costume exceptional. Moderation is generally interpreted as a sign of elegance. But nothing stops you from creating combinations of shapes or materials, but always without problem.

By combining and mixing several types of jewelry

The new trend is to multiply jewelry according to color, shape and material to enhance your style. To match your jewelry, you have to start with a central element, your favorite piece of jewelry for example. Then, it’s a matter of combining this central jewel with smaller, more discreet jewels. You can wear the same jewelry with the same outfit. But these jewels do not need to be close to each other. For example, don't wear an XXL necklace with large earrings. It will be too much. On the other hand, it is about working a large necklace with an impressive bracelet. If there are two central elements in your outfit, make sure there is a connection between these pieces. These pieces do not necessarily have to belong to the same collection. You just need to tune them together. It is not recommended to combine a beautiful family heirloom with a large plastic watch. When combining your jewelry, remember to stay within the same jewelry theme. Never wear gold and silver at the same time, unless you play on the accumulation effect. Many people view gold and silver as a practice that is a matter of true taste. If the gold/silver combination starts to become a trend, it remains a risk worth taking. When you wear gold or silver jewelry and play on the accumulation effect, don't hesitate to add a nice touch of color. It is on this effect that our Clioblue jewelry collection is fundamentally based!

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