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  • Agate blanche
  • Aigue Marine
  • Apatite
  • Black
  • Blanc
  • Bleu-Noir
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Choco-Noir
  • Chrysoprase
  • Cornaline
  • Emeraude
  • Fluorite
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Gris-Noir
  • Labradorite
  • Lapis
  • Marine
  • Marine-Noir
  • Marron
  • Marron-Noir
  • Money
  • Multi
  • Noir
  • Onyx
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Quartz Rose
  • Red
  • Rouge
  • Rubis
  • Saphir
  • Sodalite
  • Vert Foncé
  • White


  • 20cm

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  • Bracelet


Bracelet Aurora

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Bracelet Kerenn

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Bracelet Rosine

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Bracelet Séraphine

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Bracelet Zelda

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Bracelet Vivienne

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Bracelet Yléana

Regular price €79,00

Bracelet Vinciane

Regular price €59,00

Bracelet Giada

Regular price €69,00

Bracelet Thanïs

Regular price €69,00

Bracelet Osana

Regular price €109,00

Bracelet Oxane

Regular price €79,00

Made mainly from silver metal, refined and very malleable, our bracelets are open to all your fantasies and bring with them a timeless elegance. Our collections offer you a wide choice ofjewelry,earrings,rings,necklaces, and necklaces that adapt to all occasions and follow the latest trends. The purity of silver can also be combined on our bracelets with other precious stones and metals (golden metal, crystals, pearls, other precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones) which enhance colors and desires.

The beauty of our silver bracelets for women The use of rings is an ingrained habit since the beginning of humanity. Ancient civilizations gave great value to these accessories by giving them high symbolic and religious functions. But we particularly like bracelets for their power of seduction and expression: to stand out, to express emancipation or the mood of the moment, to highlight beauty and appearance, bracelets can be adapted to everyone tastes. Our fancy bracelets are made mainly of silver, a material known to enhance and reflect your personality and charm. The virtue of solid silver is that it has no original color, and is therefore easily influenced by our imagination and desires. How to wear our silver bracelets for women? Choose your bracelet according to the occasion and the season: Even silver bracelets and fashion respect a certain form of seasonality. It's normal, these are necessary accessories for your outfit. And you don't wear the same accessories, whether it's summer or winter clothes, casual dresses or dresses. The summer season is the ideal time to boldly use persistent and dynamic colors, such as silver bracelets with colored stones like turquoise or tourmaline. In the cold season, it is advisable to choose silver bracelets with warm stones. If you want to add color to your rings in the dark, choose black, onyx, for example orange or brown. No need to play on the accumulation of silver bracelets to change something. It's often a detail that makes a dress exceptional. An elegant bracelet, a pair of bracelets or a pair of ethnic earrings can liven up a boring little dress. Moderation is generally interpreted as a sign of elegance. But nothing stops you from creating combinations of shapes or materials, but always without problem. Of course we won't wear them to work. On the other hand, an evening with friends or a cocktail party can be the ideal place to take care of your outfit, to show who you want to be. There is only one rule to follow: no dissonance. Owners of our silver bracelets must show that they take responsibility for their choice and are consistent with what they want to express. Bold and determined, they must also be able to adapt to the place and climatic conditions. Which hand to wear our bracelets on: While rings are particularly important depending on the finger they are worn on, bracelets offer greater flexibility in choosing which hand wears them. So you can wear the bracelets on your left or right wrist. However, there are several criteria that you must consider before wearing jewelry. For example, if you are right-handed, it will always be easier and more natural to attach the bracelet to your left wrist. You can hold the clasp with your right hand. And vice versa, of course, if you are left-handed. If you wear a watch, use the opposite needle to make bracelets. This way, your different fashion jewelry will not hurt each other. Your choice may also be determined by other jewelry, especially your rings. If you are wearing an impressive ring with sparkling stones, a thin bracelet will look more appropriate on the opposite wrist. Finally, your lifestyle, your sporting activities, your work determine the choice of wrist on which you will wear the bracelets. Ideally, these jewelry should not bother you, and you should not take them off too often during the day. In fact, there is always a women's bracelet at Clioblue that suits your desires and your lifestyle! By wearing multiple bracelets: This is a jewelry trend you can't miss. All the influential people in fashion accepted it. The idea is to wear a series of bracelet jewelry on your wrist. And above all, to mix their style, their color and their material. The first rule is not to overdo it. With small, thin bracelets, you can wear whatever you want and wear up to seven or eight. Large bracelets are only worn by two or three people. The most important thing is not to overload your wrist and not to extend past your forearm. The trend is to treat yourself to all-in-one bracelets: a clasp, but a variety of different jewelry that accumulates on the wrist. To wear several bracelets, you can choose a thin, wide, rigid, chain and fabric, gold and silver. Yes, you can mix gold and silver. And you can pair it with a watch to follow the trend even more. Whether to wear a cord bracelet, steel bracelet, cuff bracelet, chain bracelet, in leather, silver plated, with a cord or a curb chain, all combinations can be suitable as long as they are thoughtful! But to avoid mistakes, do not mix too many colors (white and yellow gold, yellow gold and black parts, etc.) and materials (metals, fabrics, stones). Offer a bracelet to show your love or to mark an important moment. With its great symbolic force, the bracelet is generally the ideal gift when you want to please someone. Thanks to the extraordinary variety of models that you can find, you can give a bracelet for any occasion. Whether it's Valentine's Day, a wedding anniversary or any other romantic celebration or not, choosing a bracelet is a safe bet. By carefully choosing the piece that your other half will like, you can show all the love you have for them. This can be a good alternative for those who do not yet feel ready to offer a ring, which remains a particularly symbolic piece of jewelry and synonymous with commitment. With a beautiful bracelet, you are sure to appreciate it. To make sure you're not wrong, pay attention to the tastes of the person you want to please. For a gift that shows love, it's often a good idea to choose romantic designs or soft colors.

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