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Audrey Silver Watch

Regular price €299,00

Bernadette White Watch

Regular price €679,00

Némo Silver Watch

Regular price €899,00

Kintaro Silver Watch

Regular price €127,36Sale price €123,00

Aïnu Silver Watch

Regular price €855,00

Adrien Automatic Watch Black Background

Regular price €399,00

Audrey Watch Black

Regular price €389,00

Bernadette Rose Watch

Regular price €659,00

Montre Ceramica

Regular price €249,00

Montre Nautica Brillants

Regular price €179,00

Montre Nautica Duo

Regular price €199,00

Montre Nautica Duo

Regular price €189,00

Made primarily of silver metal, refined and very malleable, our watches are open to all your fantasies and bring with them a timeless elegance. Our collections offer you a wide choice ofjewelry,bracelets,rings,earrings, Andnecklaceswhich adapt to all occasions and which follow the latest trends. The purity of silver can also be combined on our watches with other precious stones and metals (golden metal, crystals, pearls, other precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones) which enhance colors and desires.


The beauty of our women's watches

Created in 1657, the watch has continued to evolve over the years. A true jewel highlighting a wrist, the watch has become an essential fashion accessory for those who know how to choose it. A real seduction and fashion asset, wearing a watch allows you to stand out, enhance or accentuate a specific style, watches adapt to all tastes. Our fashion watches are mainly made of silver, a material known to enhance and reflect your personality and charm. The virtue of solid silver is that it has no original color, and is therefore easily influenced by our imagination and desires.

The quality of our steel women's watches

Our watchmaking is inspired by the unconventional attitude of urban lifestyle, with its cool, whimsical and elegant styles. It allows women who follow fashion to highlight their style with expressive accessories. Clioblue watches for women reflect the same source of inspiration from our watchmaker and are presented not only in a timeless look with a fresh and refined side, but also in an extravagant way with a rock and deceptively neglected look. Our fashionable women's watches combine mechanical watches with an impressive metal bracelet and a simple sundial arrangement. They are available in silver steel or rose gold and with black, gray or brown steel bracelets. They are also suitable for trendy women who like to wear classic, large-sized wristwatches. Currently, white steel is the fashionable color. Clioblue women's watches, with white dial and bracelet, are therefore a fashion essential. A watch, with a large feminine bracelet and decorated with a cross or a stud, goes with a t-shirt, jeans or a beautiful skirt. The ideal watch for classic or chic sportswear is a chronograph or a black steel watch with rose gold accents. The matte black stainless steel and ceramic designs are highlighted by a sophisticated cross motif or an iconic skull on the dial. Thanks to their expressive force, women's watches are the ideal complement to our other silver jewelry. With their steel bracelet and impeccably designed case, our range of wristwatches bring a vintage spirit to any outfit. The finely crafted crown is reminiscent of the icon of a skull or lion and gives the watches an extravagant look and a touch of modernity. Worn with matching power bracelets, these creations will enhance your look. Our collection of Les Intemporels women's watches stand out for their robustness in silver and shiny stainless steel metal, their mineral glass, their anti-reflective treatment, their water resistance and in sapphire or sapphire glass. Other signs of quality are precise, well-cut hands, highly readable and stylish patterns, durable ceramics and a water resistance of at least 5 ATM. In addition, some models are equipped with leather straps bearing quality labels and black or rose gold hardware. Thanks to the diversity and efficiency of our manufacture, we also have sports chronographs with date and stopwatch and, depending on the model, a rotating bezel. All our watches are reliable, thanks to a quartz movement.

How to wear our silver watches for women?

Choose my watch according to the occasion and my outfit

Silver watches and fashion also respect a certain seasonality. It's normal, these are necessary accessories to enhance your look. Depending on the occasion, you will try to adapt your outfit. Whether it's a dress, a suit, a slightly more rock outfit, your accessories will also have to adapt to this occasion. For example, a silver watch will be perfect for a dinner or an evening with friends. It will delicately dress your wrist and complete your outfit. If you have to attend a slightly less formal event, like a concert or a night out at a bar, a watch with a leather strap or a sportswear watch will do the trick.

On which hand to wear our watches

It is best to wear your watch on the wrist of the hand opposite to the one that allows us to write, which helps not to interfere with daily movements. This helps prevent blows that may occur. Not to mention the fact that some models today are much larger and more impressive. One of the most important facts remains the fact that most people are right-handed (around 90% of the population) and therefore wear a watch on the left wrist. It should be remembered that watch winders are almost always placed on the right side of the dial by watchmakers. Right-handers will therefore be better off wearing their watches on the left side for winding and vice versa for left-handers. If you don't believe it, try wearing the watch on one side then the other, you will be able to tell yourself which side is more practical in daily life. In any case, our silver watches are available for all your styles and desires!

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