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Boucles d'Oreilles Destiny

Regular price €59,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Zoe

Regular price €119,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Lori

Regular price €119,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Ida

Regular price €69,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Noam

Regular price €69,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Olympe

Regular price €89,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Lou

Regular price €49,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Swan

Regular price €69,00

Boucles d'Oreilles Kalista

Regular price €69,00

Wide and Domed Hinged Hoop Earrings

Regular price €119,00

Khaki honey acetate steel earrings

Regular price €49,00

Oval red acetate steel earrings

Regular price €49,00Sale price €34,30

Made mainly from silver metal, refined and very malleable, our earrings are open to all your fantasies and bring with them a timeless elegance. Our collections offer you a wide choice ofjewelry,rings,bracelets,necklaces, and necklaces that adapt to all occasions and follow the latest trends. The purity of silver can also be combined on our earrings with other precious stones and metals (golden metal, crystals, pearls, other precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones) which enhance the colors and textures. desires.

The beauty of our silver earrings for women The use of rings has been an ingrained habit since the beginning of humanity. Ancient civilizations gave great value to these accessories by giving them high symbolic and religious functions. But we particularly love earrings because of their power of seduction and expression: to stand out, to express emancipation or the mood of the moment, to enhance beauty and appearance, earrings 'ears can be adapted to suit all tastes. Our fancy and dangling earrings are mainly made of silver, a material known to enhance and reflect your personality and charm. The virtue of solid silver is that it has no original color, and is therefore easily influenced by our imagination and desires. How to wear our silver earrings for women? Wear my earrings according to the occasion and the season: Silver earrings and fashion also respect a certain form of seasonality. It's normal, these are necessary accessories to highlight makeup or hairstyle. And you don't wear the same accessories, whether it's summer or winter clothes, casual clothes or dresses. The summer season is the ideal time to boldly use persistent and dynamic colors, therefore silver earrings with colored stones like turquoise or tourmaline. In the cold season, it is recommended to choose silver earrings with warm stones. If you want to add color to your rings in the dark, choose black, onyx, for example orange or brown. You don't need to play on accumulating earrings, jewelry or accessories to complete your outfit. It's often a detail that makes a dress exceptional. An elegant bracelet, a pair of earrings or a pair of ethnic earrings can liven up a boring little dress. Moderation is generally interpreted as a sign of elegance. But nothing stops you from creating combinations of shapes or materials, but always without problem. Of course we won't wear them to work. On the other hand, an evening with friends or a cocktail party can be the ideal place to take care of your outfit, to show who you want to be. There is only one rule to follow: no dissonance. Owners of our silver earrings must show that they take responsibility for their choice and are consistent with what they want to express. Bold and determined, they must also be able to adapt to location and weather conditions. Choose my earrings according to the shape of my face My pair of earrings if I have a round face If you have a round face, avoid jewelry that is too bulky, imposing and round, which will only accentuate the roundness of your face. The ideal piece of jewelry to enhance yourself is the hanging earring, which will allow you to stretch your face. Be careful though, the earring must not go beyond the jaw to remain harmonious. Which earrings if I have an oval or rectangular face? If your face is oval or rectangular, you will understand that you need to give it volume. Round and/or short earrings will help you give harmony and roundness. Choose sleeper earrings, rings and all kinds of rounded earrings. My pair of earrings if I have a square face Women with square faces prefer jewelry that lengthens and rounds slightly. Choose round and soft shapes, pendant earrings and dare all sizes, from studs to XXL earrings. How do I choose my earrings if I have a heart-shaped face? If you're lucky enough to have a heart-shaped face, you can do whatever you want, favoring broad, basic curls such as pyramid or "drop" shapes. Our silver earrings adapt to the shape of your face and to all your desires. Which earring to wear according to my hairstyle? Short haircuts or tied hair necessarily make the neck and ears visible and make them an integral part of your look. Have fun with volume, color or length. Choose long, flared, wide, hanging or round shapes with beautiful hoop earrings. A major fashion trend in recent seasons, ear cuffs are also ideal for covering the face. Controlled but very bright, these earrings adapt to all styles. Wear them on one of your pierced ears and choose a more demure chip in the other to appear quirky. And for those who prefer to stay hidden, teardrop or blade earrings can be a good alternative. They elegantly brighten the face while remaining sober. Do you have long hair and want to wear our earrings? You have to impose it (especially if you have volume)! To make an earring stand out, you need to remove the hair behind your ear without damaging your hairstyle. For the more discreet, different models of chips and sleepers will also adapt very well to long cuts.

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